Monday, August 27, 2007

El Arco de Iris

Well, we made it. We’re finally here in Guatemala! Our plane touched down in Guate at around 1 PM Saturday and now we’re here in Xela, already beguiled by the place and by the people.

Yesterday our host mother, Maritza, met us at Sakribal with her two adorable children in tow, Elton, 9 and Zuye, 7. Maritza, and her husband, who we haven't officially met, are a little reserved, but their children are incredibly precocious. We spent the entire afternoon on the roof constructing an ever-changing fort or "castillo" under Zuye's careful administration, reading fairy tales, and then moving the entire operation underneath the awning when the afternoon downpour began. At some point in the afternoon Zuye spotted a rainbow suspended above us, pinned up between two clouds like the walls of our castillo. Beautiful! After a little while, some hide and go seek, spinning in circles, and a game of keep-away, Ethan and I managed to get away for a short stroll around the city.

Since our arrival we've been busy with Spanish classes in the morning and volunteering in the afternoon. There's hardly any time at all to write! For now I'll be content with sharing a few photos - and I'll send more news once I'm through with Spanish classes and we've settled into our schedule here.

El Castillo and our hostess